A brief history of the Band members

All three of Run Devil Run's members have worked in various acts over the years.

         Mark (lead guitar and lead vocals) being the youngest member, started his musical career back in 1982 and finally broke onto the scene in 1985 playing in bands in and around the West Midlands and narrowly missing a chance to join the top 30 group, the Mighty Lemon Drops.. His major influences have been from the fifties and sixties, stating Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Lennon and McCartney, The Shadows, Gerry Marsden, Joe Brown, The Searchers and the Kinks being the acts that he has admired and based his guitar and singing styles on.

Recently he's had some interest in his original work plus a number of collaborations with musicians from around the world creating some interesting material, as also had some airplay on a number of radio stations and radio interviews.


         Keith (bass guitar and backing vocals) started career back in the early sixties, originally from the Brighton area, played with and backed numerous well known acts from the sixties such as Screaming lord Sutch, Davey Jones, Peter Frampton ect. One of his old band members Dave Greenfield eventually became the Stranglers hammond organ player. Even to this day Keith's pictures from his old band days can still be found in numerous books about the 60's South coast scene. His influences too many to mention were from the fifties rock'n'roll and early sixties beat era but also from the later folk scene.


            Barrie (Drums and backing vocals) started working the clubs back in the later part of the sixties, being based in the West Midlands regularly rubbed shoulders with acts such as Slade, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and the like. Was the original drummer with Mothers Worry, the Midlands answer to Alice Cooper.