With a wide repertoire ranging from the Fifties to the Eighties, the trio Run Devil Run consists of Mark on Lead/Rhythm Guitar (Lead Vocals), Keith on Bass Guitar (Harmonies) and Barrie on Drums (Harmonies and Lead Vocals). The act also comes self-contained with pro gear and lighting systems.

All three have many years experience of performing and have been former members of well established club acts.  Over the last few years the lads have done a large number of charity gigs around the Midlands, mainly for the Beacon Centre for the Blind but also charity nights for local Social Services schemes, Newcross hospital's Cardiac After care Unit and Wolverhampton Bladder Association.   Run Devil Run have created an impressive repertoire of many classic tunes from over the decades, including many tunes not normally performed by other acts, thus making them a refreshing act to dance and listen to.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us via the email address on our contact tab on the left or go to our help tab.

Also, please check out our Youtube channel "oldstrat1", where you'll find a selection of songs from our reportoire and some original numbers as well.

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Run Devil Run

Keep Music Live  

A super Trio in every way, a very good night assured,   

Jack Stain  Ent Sec