It's with great sadness and an heavy heart that I have to inform you that we have lost a great friend and band mate. Keith our bass player sadly passed away after a very short and sudden illness; surrounded by family and friends, Keith passed peacefully early on the morning of Friday 19th April 2019

Our thoughts are with Pauline, Chris , Zoe, Rodger and all of Keith's family and friends.

I for one have lost one of the best friends you could ever possibly wish to have and a superb bass player who helped me become the musician that I have become today. 

It was twenty years ago when we all met up, I remember it well, Keith and Pauline arrived in their MG and we sat in the Spread Eagle public house on the Birmingham New Road. We soon hit it off and never looked back.

Time seems to have fled by in a wink of an eye and honestly Keith you worked bloody hard getting our sound together but you never got got the recognition from the local club land that you deserved. I for one cannot name another bass player who could touch you.

"I do know that you were one of the best bassist's on the Brighton scene and played with some of the big names in UK music, you featured in books and websites regarding the mod scene."

Keith made our band, myself and Barrie may have embellished the sound but Keith was the heart of the sound; but Keith wasn't just a bassist to me, he was more like family, my best mate; only living within walking distance from each other was always a good feeling. I knew we were always was there for each other.

The band have now lost a brother in arms, my mirror image on stage and right hand man, one third of the band who help knit the music together, if there was possibly a name for such a person then it would be a "weaver of sound", yes that was our Keith.

Sitting here now writing my feelings, I feel empty and gutted, a light as gone out, I know Barry feels the same way, but neither of us can possibly start to begin to comprehend how Keith's family must feel.

In the harsh reality of daylight, gazing out of my window, catching glimpses of the sunshine, I'm recalling Buddy's song, "Raining In My Heart". In many ways Keith and myself were always thinking about music and even now in this difficult time; the music is there in the background. Music was the canvas in Keith's playing career and Keith's bass guitar was the paint brush. I think that's a nice way to remember my mate.

Both myself and Barrie managed to spend some time with you at the end and I managed to say goodbye for the very last time late Thursday night; but I couldn't express how much you'd be missed not just by family, myself and Barry but by all those in club land who have had the good fortune to see you play.

Having seen the vast numbers of condolences, I for one have been taken aback in knowing how many people liked and loved you for who you were but also admired your musicianship as an awesome bassist.  

To be honest I don't know what the future holds for our band now.
It's far too early to make any decisions in the state of minds myself and Barrie are in at the moment but I will be contacting venues shortly. I know Keith would have said that the show must go on but honestly Keith was the show. 

All I ask is for all those who know Keith and family or even the band; if you can understand what we are going through at the present and give us a little time to sort arrangements out.

Keith you're going to be missed by all who had the good fortune to know you, by loved one and friends. Mine and Barrie's thoughts are with Keith's wife Pauline and family.

If there is an heaven above us, then I certainly know you've already played your first  gig with the best up there now. 

Warm the audiences up for us mate

God bless and Keep on Rockin

Mark and Barrie